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Would you like to book DS:UK for a private event, festival or your concert venue?

You can email us directly on or call us on 07957 940071.

When contacting us, please have all of the following information in mind as we'll be asking all of these questions so that we can accurately quote for you.

• Are you enquiring as a Promotor, as a Venue Programming Manager or as a Private Client?

• Where will the performance take place? In a concert hall, theatre, live music venue, local hall/function room, non-UK location?

• Which town/venue please?

• Do you know what date(s) you'd like to book Genesis Legacy for?

• Does your venue have a built in Sound System? Is there a resident engineer included with the booking?

• Does the venue have stage lighting, or will you be expecting the band to provide a lighting rig?

• Is your event a charity event?

DS:UK is available to book for a set fee or on door split deals (negotiable). We will also consider venue hire arrangements.

Please note when booking that DS:UK are not VAT registered and that we will always give you our best quote based on the number of personnel required to meet your needs and travel costs to and from the venue.

If you are calling us on the number above, please leave a message if we don't answer. We don't answer from hidden numbers, so if your system requires hiding your number from caller ID, please leave a message and we'll call you straight back.