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Promotors and Venues

DPM works hard to book shows direct with venues, but we also so enjoy collaborating with Promotors who programme shows of a similar profile to dS:uK.

If you would like to work with dS:uK on a show (or run of shows) anywhere in the world, then I invite you to contact us on

For 2020 - dS:uK are touring the Brothers in Arms Album under the name of "Brothers in 85 Tour"

For 2021, dS:uK will be touring the UK with the band's final tour - On anoTher Night.

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dS:uK tour a different show each year to keep it interesting for our treasured following, and to give them a reason to visit us on each performance.

dS:uK are very easy to work with, providing:

• 6pc company of professional, world class musicians
• 7pc company for 2021's On anoTher Night tour

• PA and Engineers for each show
• PAT and PLI on request
• Risk assessment on request
• Physical and Digital marketing media custom requirements

The band regularly negotiate split and fixed guarantee deals with venues and promotors, as well as programming shows directly on a Hire basis. We're very enthusiastic to speak to Programming managers and Promotors about how we can bring our show to your venue in a way that is beneficial for both parties.

Download our Tour Pack PDF
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