Celebrating the Legendary
Fender Stratocaster

a rollercoaster ride through 50 years of timeless classics and inspirational players that charts the rise of the Fender Stratocaster - making it the very personification of an electric guitar.


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Interesting history….

All guitar players have a 'story' attached to their favourite guitars. 50 Years of Fender tells the story of the Stratocaster guitar - peppered with interesting guitar history: how Buddy Holly was the first Stratocaster player on live TV… that Eric Clapton built his famous "Blackie"… Mark Knopfler's first Strat was a copy….

As well as being a hugely entertaining and uplifting evening, it's also interesting to hear how this beautiful instrument became such a favourite of history's most iconic players - so much so that its shape become the personification of 'electric guitar' itself.


Live Band of world class musicians…

…and one of the few Chapman Stickists in the world.

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50 Years of Fender

• 50 Years of Fender - the Stratocaster Story - is a fully live show featuring 5 world class musicians

• Touring UK Theatres from 2022

• 50 Years of Fender is also available as a solo show for Hotel appearances. Enquire about prices.

• Professional PA provided by Prestige Sound (www.prestigesound.co.uk)

• Contact
programming@davephillipsmusic.co.uk for booking information.