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Studio Recording Engineer

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Live Audio Engineer

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Multi - Instrumentalist

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Lecturer of
Audio Engineering

ABOUT Dave Phillips

Dave is one of the busiest Musicians and Engineers working out of Southampton, Hampshire today. Working consistently since the age of 18, he performs weekly in theatres across the country, produces music for local, national and international clients at White Room Production Studio, manages a Live Sound provider and has lectured Audio Engineering since 2009.

He studied Audio Engineering at School of Sound Recording in Manchester; is a certified Pro Tools Expert and Trainer for Avid; has a 1st Class Hons Degree in Performance Industries; and a Degree in Law!

His experience is vast. Alongside music and recording, he manages busy groups, negotiating contracts, tour managing, managing education, marketing, creating and launching products, franchising…Dave has experience beyond that of most working musicians today.

Dave is one of the most genuine, hardworking, loyal and moral musicians you'll find. Working with him is a guarantee of quality, reliability, focus and professionalism.

Click though to the various arms of Dave Phillips Music below and get in touch to discuss your project now.

" Mean what you say - say what you mean "

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What am I involved in?

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