In the 80's and 90's, Recording Technology was only really the domain of commercial studios and those who could afford it. In 2018, Music Technology has been freely available to everyone who can own a computer through either Free to use Software such as Audacity, or inclusive free giveaways such as Apple's Garageband. As such, anyone with a computer now has, probably, more recording tools at their fingertips than professional did back in the heyday of recording.

However, the skills to use this technology to its fullest potential is something that still remains within the Recording Engineering community.

Recording is fun, fulfilling, creative and expressive... but it's also hard!!

I have spent thousands of pounds and many years developing my skills in audio production and it's a joy to be able to pass that knowledge on to up and coming engineers across the world through my work as a University and College lecturer with Point Blank Music Schools, Academy of Music and Avid training.
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If you own a DAW, which ever one it is, I'm sure that you spend time in the Facebook 'help' forums asking other users questions about your DAW. As a mod for one of Facebook's biggest support forums (Avid Pro Tools Forum), I regularly see users ask about the most basic of things, and other users fumble around questionable answers to these questions and further confusing people.

Recording techniques can be taught in the same way as guitarists can take private lessons.

If you want to learn to record properly, and achieve good quality results, without studying Audio Engineering professionally, I can give you private lessons that will help you achieve your creative needs.

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Lessons can include:

• Compressors and compression techniques including parallel and mid/side compression
• Understanding EQ and using EQs
• Limiters and limiting technique to achieve loud and punchy mixes
• Use of Desk and Tape emulators to thicken up mixes
• Signal flow
• Digital Audio Theory
• Gain Staging
• Using MIDI

• and much more.

Note: Lessons can be non DAW specific - all techniques can be applied to any App you record with, as long as they include the features.

In person or remotely

• Lessons can be conducted in person or by Skype, and I regularly teach people in different time zones.
• Remote lessons include a shared screen and full audio stream from the DAW so you'll hear what I hear

Lessons are £25 per hour, paid for in advance by PayPal.

Contact me now to discuss your lesson.
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